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Reliable, hassle free and service which is customized to your needs. Apply a loan with us today.


Reliable, hassle free and service which is customized to your needs. Apply a loan with us today.

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The No.1 Licensed Money Lender in Singapore with one of the Lowest Interest Rates and Friendly Staff
About Us

Singapore Personal Loan is a licensed moneylender. We offer affordable loans in Singapore, under the authorization of Registry of Moneylenders and Ministry of Law. Our loan application officials will guide you on different loans and payment options.

We guarantee you to provide the best interest rate as per your salary and financial background. Fill our online loan application, and we will get back to you.

Singapore Personal Loan, as the licensed moneylender, we believe in discussing the best loan plans with you to help you get the financial aid.

Our aim here is to offer convenient and hassle-free loan service for Personal Loan, Payday Loan, Foreigner Loan, and Business Loan. We understand if you feel tired of the unending administrative work and anticipating loan providing advertisements.

Here, at Singapore Personal Loan, we meet our clients’ needs and ensure service exchanges. As a reliable licensed moneylender in Singapore, we regard every single client that applies for a loan with us, that is the reason all information provided is under our customer privacy policies.

Why Choose Us?

Singapore Personal Loan is a licensed money lender in Singapore with one of the lowest interest rates and supportive staff. We are a legitimate and renowned loaning organization with ready options of customized financing for those needing fast and helpful money in cash/transfer.

Ministry of Law and Registry of Moneylenders Authorized— we can assist you in improving your loan profile. Instead of managing 5-8 advances, we can offer you credit to fund every one of your other obligations, so you have one simple installment to make every month.

Use the money to take care of your lease, doctor’s visits, pay your education costs, and other things. Leave worry aside, Singapore Personal Loan works on the prerequisites of the Moneylenders Act and Moneylenders Rules.

Licensed Moneylender—we understand that banks have extensive applications and steps for any kind of loan, and the process takes a month in most times. We are a licensed moneylender with a simple online loan application and confirmation. We can give you get you the money you need the most on limited time.

Strict Code of Conduct—we don’t decide your approval to process the loan as per your past record. However, we do look at your present pay scale and proofs. It doesn’t matter how awful your financial record could sound.

For whatever time you have a stable job with a verified salary, we can work out an installment plan customized for you.

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers—everyone living, experience some or other financial setbacks at some point in time, Singapore Personal Loan have a recording of hundreds of satisfied customers, whom we helped. Alternatively, you can always acquire cash from companions, family, or businesses. However, give us a chance to deal with your money related stresses and become our satisfied customer.

Recommended and Widely Reviewed—you can depend on us for straightforwardness, reasonableness, and with regards to fast financing options. Our financial representatives are prepared to react to any query, and our online application can get you one-step in getting the help you need. Do check our ratings and reviews anywhere you like.

Our Mission

Singapore Personal Loan believes in offering everyone needing financial help. We understand if life may push you into difficult circumstances that are stressing over your savings. Now, you have us to decide to hotspot for financial assistance.

Indeed, you can go to family or trusted friends, yet this is definitely not a slam-dunk though everybody has their commitments to stress over, and they may not be in a better situation to help.

Likewise, this may feel unpleasant; you may need to go to more than one person to collect cash/transfer you need. So, why would not you go for a trusted moneylender in Singapore?

We’ve been offering authorized loan services for a long time now. We have sharpened down our services, and our top need is to have a variety of options to give you quick help to pay for your issues or necessities.

Regardless, you have to fix your vehicle, settle a doctor’s visit, pay for school, or simply deal with bills before they are late. Interestingly, our services are accessible to give you the arrangements you are searching for to make your life easier.

At Singapore Personal Loan, we comprehend the need for productive services, mainly when our customers are in confusion about anything loan.

We direct the necessary credit checks, which are considerably less of a problem than other related basics that takes time, and prohibits a poor FICO score from getting financial help.

You may choose to reject the loan after the successful approval of documents, assure that there will be no charges, and you could ask a loan from us again in the future. Trust us, and we guarantee to give you the best.

Some problems inevitably arise at times of approval, such as acquiring rules, bad records, and lengthy approval times if you may apply somewhere else. Here, we, as licensed moneylenders are delicate to the necessities of our customers in getting quick solutions.

Integrity Difference: Apply, Connect, and Collect Your Money

Singapore Personal Loan stay put as your moneylender in Singapore. Consequently, we work fast to serve our dealings with our clients. Don’t expect any expenses and charges, which make us the reliable and most-asked moneylender in our business domain.

Singapore Personal Loan, our team and representatives, takes pride as a genuine certifiable loan specialist that offers you loan services.

All we need, you make certain yourself with the terms and conditions. And, you will be expertly prompted on the amount you desire is something you can bear. Indeed, we will consider how you will repay, as that is under our standards.

At the end of the day, if there is approval, we will reveal all to you about it and clarify before you sign it.

Importantly, our applications are not complex and are to the point. Not at all like banks where you fill in endless pages and need to sit for hours to get the confirmation, even not the loan itself.




We pride ourselves in being one of the most trusted money lender in Singapore and we invite you to make an online application today for any unique loan requests.


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