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About QV Credit

Singapore Personal Loan is a licensed moneylender. We offer affordable loans in Singapore. Under the authorization of Registry of Moneylenders and Ministry of Law, our loan application officials will guide you on different loans and payment options. We guarantee you to provide the best interest rate as per your salary and financial background. Fill our online loan application, and we will get back to you. Singapore Personal Loan, as the licensed moneylender, we believe in discussing the best loan plans with you to help you get the financial aid.




Singapore Personal Loan is one of the trusted and dedicated moneylender in Singapore. We welcome you to fill the online loan application for any loan at affordable interest rates.

Productive Moneylending Process

Available Online Application

Prompt Decisions and Approvals

Quick Approvals

Collect Cash instantly upon signing

Low and Null Credit Scores Accepted

Why Would You Select QV Credit?

Authorized by Ministry of Law and Registry of Moneylenders

Licensed Moneylender

Strict Code of Conduct

Hundreds of Satisfied Customers

Recommended and Widely Reviewed

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